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“What a show. Odell and Bill were engaging, thoughtful and funny. Members who have never spoke before at Rotary engaged in thoughtful dialogue with Odell and Bill. I highly recommend them for your next event.”
Pat Haywood - Greensboro Rotary Club - President - Greensboro, NC

"I have truly been enjoying your Conversations on Saturday afternoons. Today I carried the phone around the house while packing for our next adventure because I didn't want to miss anything. You two, together, have touched my heart/spirit by the way you address issues with love and respect."
Sandra - - -

"This podcast was so authentic. Bill and Odell sound like real people. What sold me was episode 2 when Bill said, "it's what I do". Also, he said the relationship he has with Odell wouldn't have happened 15 years ago. That was real. I like that everything ties back to Christianity, not religion. The personal experiences that were shared taught me things, made me consider other things, and I was able to gain a different level of understanding of the differences.

The two of you are hilarious, open and honest. I loved it."
Demetria - - -

"This was the most amazing thing ever. I was in tears by the end."
Richard Yeargin, III - - -

Thank you, Bill! I love your podcast and I think the conversations you have are so important in our current climate. I especially liked the Marty Kotis interview because he is such a controversial figure in Greensboro. Keep doing these awesome things and making such a positive impact!
Kristin - - -

What a podcast! So honest, informative, and unpretentious. I loved listening to you and Odell together. The discussion was serious, light, tearful and joyful, all at the same time.
Jill - - -