Focus CFO

Bill Goebel

About Bill Goebel

Bill has thirty years’ experience in senior management in training, marketing, sales, licensing, manufacturing, importing & exporting and finance. Bill teaches many subject areas including culture change, leadership, LEAN, troubleshooting, problem solving, and team building. He has provided instruction to over 30 different organizations.

He is the owner and President of MPACT Solutions LLC, a training company that provides online and hands-on instruction. MPACT has a propriety online skill assessment for identifying the technical skill gap for maintenance technicians and machine operators. He also owns a franchise of Focus CFO Focus CFO, a provider of fractional CFOs. 

He has been on numerous boards for both profit and nonprofit organizations. 

He recently served on a team that started a bank to service small business commercial loans in NC. 

Bill is an Eagle Scout and currently serves as Vice Chair of Territory 15 of BSA. He is a Silver Beaver and Silver Antelope Award recipient, and a Vigil member of the Order of the Arrow. He served as Area 7 President for BSA. 

For the past 18 years, he has mentored high school boys from his local church. He has been on 13 short term mission trips to underprivileged areas of the USA, Cuba and Israel. He has traveled to over 42 countries. 

He is married to Dori and has three children Will, Jessa and Elisa Kay. 

He studied at Harvard, Case Western University in Cleveland, Roosevelt University in Chicago. His degree is in Business Management from Cleveland State University