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Podcast Number: 174

Waking Up at Night

May 24, 2024

On this episode of Common Ground, Bill and Odell delve into the issues that keep them up at night. They discuss the student protests around North Carolina and Marty Kotis's involvement, the drama in Summerfield, NC, and the political landscape involving Biden and Trump. They also explore the questions surrounding the helicopter crash in Iran and the death of its president. Finally, they share the dramatic details of Bill's speech to the school board.


For more information on Bill’s campaign, visit

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Podcast Number: 173

Trump Trail - Money, Power, and Sex

May 17, 2024

On this episode of Common Ground, Bill and Odell explore the profound impact of money, power, and sex on those who possess all three, with a particular focus on Donald Trump. They also compare the differences between Biden and Trump, and the importance of being the adult in the room.

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Podcast Number: 172

Everything is Local

May 10, 2024

On this episode of Common Ground, Bill and Odell tackle the Trump trial and explore alternative presidential candidates to Trump and Biden. Get ready for a lightning round of current events! Later, they delve into Bill's school board campaign, shedding light on the hurdles and opposition he faces. Stay tuned for insights on issues impacting Greensboro and its surrounding counties in North Carolina.

Support Bill’s campaign for District 3 School Board here:

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Podcast Number: 171

Pray For First Responders

May 3, 2024

On this episode of Common Ground, Bill and Odell explore a diverse range of subjects, from the ongoing protests on college campuses concerning the Israel/Palestinian conflict, to the unfolding developments in the presidential election events. Additionally, they discuss the various local happenings in NC, including a notable incident involving a child slapping a teacher, and the pressing issue of raising teacher pay in the state.

Find more about Brandon Chrostowski's impact here:

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Podcast Number: 170

If You Were President

April 26, 2024

In this episode of Common Ground, Bill and Odell dive into some interesting territory, asking each other, "So, what would you do if you were president?" It's a fascinating discussion, and they don't stop there. They also chat about Biden's border problems, inflation, the war in Ukraine, and, of course, the latest on Trump's legal battles.

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Podcast Number: 169

Bill's Unique Connection to Europe

March 7, 2024

Bill has an interesting connection to the current events in Europe, he adopted a child from Poland. Bill's daughter Jessa joins the podcast for a special episode. 

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Podcast Number: 168

Faith Amidst Fire: Rev. Sergei Kukushkin-Ukrainian Pastor

April 19, 2024

Join us as we sit down with Rev. Sergei Kukushkin, a Ukrainian pastor whose life took an unexpected turn when Russia invaded his homeland while he was vacationing in Germany. Together, we delve into the harrowing realities of the ongoing Russian invasion of Ukraine, shedding light on the resilience and courage of the Ukrainian people. #StandWithUkraine

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Podcast Number: 167

Goebel Getting his Signatures

April 12, 2024

Join us on this episode of Common Ground, where Bill Goebel and Odell Cleveland delve into the intricacies of Bill's journey to secure the required signatures for his candidacy on the district 3 school board ballot, amidst the challenges posed by certain dissenting voices within the community. Strap in for an enlightening discussion.


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Podcast Number: 166

Deconstructing the "N" Word

April 5, 2024

In this episode of Finding Common Ground, Bill and Odell delve into the complex and sensitive issue surrounding the use of the "N" word. Joining them are esteemed guests: movie producer and radio host, Timothy McCain, and the show's dear friend, Kelly Hahn. Together, they explore the word's historical significance, its various contexts, and the profound impact it has on individuals and society when uttered. Get ready to gain insight into the word's usage throughout history and its far-reaching implications.

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Podcast Number: 165

Prevent Child Abuse NC

March 29, 2024

In this installment of Common Ground, Bill and Odell are joined by Sharon Hirsch and Kris Demers from the Positive Childhood Alliance North Carolina. Together, they delve into the critical topic of childhood abuse prevention.

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